In our early days, Glimpse worked as an open collective for people who want to use their skills for good.

We met in the top room of pubs and wrote our own creative briefs with no client, no brand guidelines and no budget.

This was the source of some of our best ideas including CATS, Choose Love and the People’s Podium.

We moved away from the volunteer element over the years, but these early ‘hacks’ still feel like the soul of Glimpse.

Imagination as rebellion

At the core of our work was a belief in the power of imagination to help us see past the existing reality.

So rather than trying to fix a problem, all of our briefs start with the phrase ‘imagine a world where…’ and take it from there.

Here’s an example brief on consumerism, from our very first hack day.

Find your calling

Glimpse always stood for the potential of creativity for good.

We knew that most creative people want to make a positive difference in the world, but don’t know where to start.

Our collective model proved hard to fund and difficult to manage, but we believe there is so much potential for distributed, purposeful creativity.

We hope that Glimpse inspired others to find their calling, and will continue to do so.

Glimpse was a global collective that was supported by a core team of producers, strategists and facilitators.

You can meet some of the team below:

James Turner

Founder / Creative Director

James has a passion for using creativity on things that don’t currently see much of it. After an early career at the BBC and ITV, he jumped ship to join Greenpeace’s communications team and spent ten years working on climate change, deforestation 
and Arctic oil drilling.

He founded Glimpse in 2016 as an experiment to 
see what happens when creativity isn’t used to sell stuff, but to communicate a vision of a better world.

Edie Gill-Holder

Creative Producer

Edie’s background is in finding creative ways to bridge the gap between political or social impact and culture.

She loves to think about how we can make the city wilder and more accessible, channeling some of that energy into writing her MA thesis on Urban Geography and Climate Mitigation.

Mike Andrews

Design Director

Mike heads up design and visual output for Glimpse. 
With over a decade of experience in branding and design agencies, he’s dedicated to bringing the high design standards of the commercial world to work that makes a positive impact.

Ruth Newton

Head of Creative Production

Ruth has over a decade of production experience. Starting her career in TV, she's made documentaries for Ch4, BBC3, Ch5, Discovery and the History Channel and produced
short films for the likes of Greenpeace, Virgin, Disney and Walkers. She joined Glimpse in 2019.

Batseba Tesfaye

Creative Producer

Batseba has a love of storytelling and community. She had an early start in media in her native country of Eritrea and at twenty years old became the youngest ever news anchor at ERI-TV.

Since coming to the UK, she worked in a variety of roles and industries before joining Glimpse.

Lauren Jeffery

Creative Producer

Lauren is passionate about generating positive impacts and has a love for creativity. After studying Philosophy and Sociology at Bristol, Lauren channelled her work across the creative 
and sustainability sectors, engaging people in community work.