We believe that creativity is the key to running highly successful campaigns and attracting and retaining loyal supporters

Glimpse Studio is a participatory workshop which boosts creative confidence and teaches practical techniques for coming up with positive, exciting ideas your audiences will love.

We have years of experience with NGO and issue-led campaigns, as well as working with commercial partners and brands.

A typical Glimpse Studio

Setting the brief
Before the workshop, we send attendees a short and engaging questionnaire asking them to outline something they care deeply about that’s not currently being worked on by the organisation. This creates helps to create a safe and playful learning environment where people feel free to explore new ideas.

A Glimpse
We look for common themes and combine them to write our Glimpse briefs. These are open, explorative ‘jumping off’ points which we’ll discuss together at the workshop.

The day begins with an inspirational talk where we tell stories from CATS, Choose Love and Greenpeace before looking at examples of brilliant creativity from around the world.

Using a range of innovative creative techniques we then run an energetic brainstorm to explore the issues and discover new ideas in large groups, pairs and individually.

The Creative Self
Teams are then encouraged to explore other elements of their ‘creative self’ through a range of outdoor activities, as well as meditative and improv exercises.

Breakthrough ideas
Finally we come back together and refine the ideas before presenting them back to the wider group.