The Challenge

We live in a material world. Popular culture and advertising tells us that buying more stuff is the surest route to happiness.

Nature can’t compete against the allure of consumerism.

Or can it?

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
nature had its own creative agency

Working with our friends Purpose Disruptors, we imagined a pop-up advertising agency with only one client: life on earth.

It’s job would be to help people discover a deeper relationship with nature, every day.

We know that this kind of relationship is linked to better mental health, pro-environmental behaviour and much more.

We wanted this agency to be staffed by the best in the business.

So we borrowed ten young creatives from five of the UK’s top agencies – Amplify, Leo Burnett, Oliver, The&Partnership and Wieden&Kennedy. 

Their brief was simple: ‘create hype for the nature connected lifestyle’.

Over the next three months the pairs developed five incredible campaigns, all with wildly different approaches.

From giant billboards to pocket books, immersive experiences to in-game activations, it turns out nature is the dream client.


Top UK Agencies


Young Creatives


Million Reach

Nature’s a trip

Mark and Susie from Oliver created a psychedelic journey exploring the mental health benefits of nature connection.

Girls Just Wanna Grow Plants

Jas and Geo from Leo Burnett used high-fashion photography to challenge the hustle culture young women are facing.

Seed Saga

Aleks and Hannah created exclusive, collectible seed packets for fans of Guild Wars 2 to grow actual plants from the game.

The Slow Brew

Lisa and Cat from Amplify brewed up an urban nature adventure that started in a coffee shop, and ended on a lush ‘moss bed’.


Sam and Ivan from The&Partnership created a 10-part guide to getting intimate with ‘lover nature’, released on Valentine’s Day.

This was Glimpse’s final project, and in many ways it felt like a return to our roots.

We used brilliant creativity to promote a lifestyle that helps people and planet thrive.

We’ve now handed over the idea to Purpose Disruptors to look after from here, and we can’t wait to see where the agency goes next.