The Challenge

A toxic reality

The UK has a clean air crisis. Our cities are choking on bad air, and our children are suffering the consequences through no fault of their own.

We learned that kids who play sport in urban areas are regularly exposed to illegal levels of air pollution, which inhibits their lung function and lowers their ability to train.

Air pollution harms young lungs. Let’s beat it and unleash our children’s true potential.

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
we fixed air pollution and gave our sports stars a winning edge

The Report

We created a report which revealed high air pollution levels at key sports training sites across the country.

We commissioned analysts to look at the data, interviewed experts in respiratory healthcare and air pollution, and created graphics to bring the findings to life.

The results were staggering: some of our best known sportspeople have trained in air that breaches safe limits. Imagine the difference when we fix this problem.

The campaign

We teamed up with children from Manorfield Primary School in Bow and world-class sports photographer Duncan Nicholls who gave them the superstar treatment.

They featured in an online and OOH media campaign which long jumped into public consciousness

The campaign drove thousands of people to sign a petition to get air pollution’s impact on UK sport onto the national agenda.

The Impact

The campaign raced into the UK media, netting coverage on BBC national news, The Telegraph, The Times, Guardian and further afield. Thousands joined the campaign, and we’ve built links with some of the UK’s biggest sporting institutions.

We now aim to build Breathe GB into an even bigger campaign ahead of the Commonwealth games in Birmingham.