Right now, too many of our finest young creatives, influencers, and communicators are being put to work selling unsustainable, high carbon products and lifestyles that are driving us to destruction.

This presents both a huge challenge, but maybe an even bigger opportunity. If you’re a young creative aged 18-30 and you’re interested in causing some mischief, join our Inside Job campaign.

We need to stop the flow of creative talent from promoting dirty fuels, petrol guzzling cars and cut price flights, and redeploy that power to the mammoth task of shifting business, culture and us towards a nature friendly future.

Imagine a world where...
young creatives are changing the creative industry from inside

We know that lots of young creatives don’t want to work on the stuff that they know is trashing the planet. They’re the ones that have to live on it… But they also want to make exciting work that goes out into the world, and maybe even changes it.


Inside Job is about bringing together this power – giving young creatives an alternative way to use their skills – exposing the dangers of high carbon choices, and promoting a more sustainable and joyful life instead.

We’re doing that by crafting campaigns by young people, for young people, that shine a light on the role of advertising in the climate crisis and point to a better world.

Use your influence

We supported a landmark report from Desmog that uncovers the Oil and Gas strategy to invest in influencers to normalise their toxic products.

In response to this we’ve been collaborating with influencers to keep oil off our feeds and keep creativity clean.

We worked with creative duo Alice and Lara to introduce the world to Sally, the influencer who, try as she might, can’t quite stomach the lies she’s been paid to tell by the oil and gas industry.


Then we teamed up with influencer Toby Douglas (aka Will Hislop) to pay homage to Margot Robbie in this smooth bathtub sustainability explainer.

Keep on top of what’s going on and join the Inside Job at our campaign website >

The Brief Sabotage Handbook

Our first foray with the inside job was ‘The Brief Sabotage Handbook’. Created with a group of young creatives, it’s a printed guide for delaying, distracting and ultimately wrecking creative briefs from fossil fuel clients such as Shell and BP.

The handbook offers playful tips to derail every step in the creative process from strategy to production, from ‘politely interrogate the truth of the planner’s consumer insight with an anecdote about your mum’ to ‘blow the production budget on poké bowls’.

The Team

As well as the young creatives coming together on each campaign. Glimpse is delivering the Inside Job with our pals at If Not Now digital, and thanks to the generous support of the KR Foundation.

If you’ve got questions about Inside Job, or any of the campaigns we’re running as part of it. Get in touch at hello@weglimpse.co