A growing body of research tells us that experiences out in nature can benefit everyone’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, and help us build social connections.

For many urban city-dwellers, this is out of reach due to lack of transport connections.

That’s why we invented Nature Drop.

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
nature is as hyped as a fresh pair of sneakers

We partnered with the joyful art collective Picasso Baby and climate action charity, Possible to charter a coach from Middlesbrough city centre to a mystery location (High Force waterfalls in the Pennines) and spent the day making art and new friends in truly spectacular surroundings.

Deploying a psychedelic look and feel to build hype around the experience, the event had the excitement and anticipation of a flagship retail or brand experience — with nature as our client.

We used Nature Drop as a case study for low-carbon coach travel—an example of the possibilities afforded by coaches—especially in areas like the North East of England, where train connections are lacking.

The Impact

The event was a resounding success with partners and participants, and was a successful pilot for similar events that could be rolled out across the country.