We know that most young creatives want a career that fits with their values, especially when it comes to climate change.

But once they get that first job, it can feel intimidating to speak out against those greenwashing clients. 

So how can we encourage them to stick with it, throughout their careers?

Imagine a world where...
we sent a personal message to our future self

We asked students from some of the top creative courses in the UK to send a message to their future self.

When it comes to climate change, could they persuade themselves not to ditch their values as they get more senior?

We expected a bunch of posters or handwritten letters.

Instead we received an incredible array of work from sandcastles, perfumes, flags and piggybanks. 

With help from our friends at It’s Nice That, we showed some of the best entries at a pop-up exhibition in Shoreditch.

The energy and enthusiasm they brought to this exhibition is a sign of things to come,
both for students themselves and their future employers in the creative industry.

— Stephanie McLaren-Neckles, senior lecturer, LCC Design School.

Note To Self is the latest part of Glimpse’s Inside Job campaign, which aims to divest youth talent from high carbon brands, and move it towards sustainable alternatives.

Our goal is to make working for oil companies as toxic as shilling for big tobacco, while promoting the lifestyles and behaviours that can solve the climate crisis and get us back in balance with nature.

So far the next generation are smashing it.