The Challenge

Lots of us would like to do something to help a local environmental charity.

But it’s hard to know where to start.

To fix this, Patagonia has created Action Works, which links people to environmental charities.

They wanted to bring this to life in the heart of London and they asked for our help.

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
your local cafe was a hive of environmental action

We found a little gem on Broadway Market in East London, and filled it with knowledge, books and excellent coffee.

We created 32 beautiful ‘action cards’, each with a simple task to help an environmental charity.

From writing to your MP to spotting river pollution, every action made a meaningful difference.

Over three weeks, we helped Patagonia run a series of events including a creative hack with Extinction Rebellion and MP letter-writing workshops with Power for People.

We believe that every project should have a lasting, positive impact on the community we work with.

Together with Patagonia, we gave over a thousand action cards to hundreds of people, linking them directly with charities that need their help.

Imagine if every high street cafe added a free shot of activism to every skinny latte.