The Challenge

British food standards aren’t perfect, but they’re a lot better than some countries.

But with big trade deals with the US coming up, these standards are under threat.

So how do we make sure our country doesn’t turn into Old Macdonald’s Megafarm?

Our friends at WWF asked us to help celebrate British food – and show MPs that people love their local produce.

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
the scarecrows came to town

Scarecrows keep our food safe.

So when they heard about the threat of new pesticides and hormone fed beef, they came into town to warn us.

Working with local artists, we created nine scarecrows that represented the character of the place.

Because when it comes to food and farming, scarecrows are outstanding in their field.

Local food heroes

Working in County Durham, West Yorkshire and Stoke on Trent we tracked down farmers, bakers, chefs and food bank workers.

We created beautiful photographs and films which we presented on billboards, ad bikes, newspaper ads and social media films.

Beautiful curiosities

When we commemorate events – from royal weddings to the olympics – we create beautiful objects for us to own and cherish. Why not do the same to celebrate our food?

Working with local artists, we created tea towels and plates that celebrated local markets, food workers, landscapes and delicacies that make these towns great.

Then we shared them with shops, journalists, local influencers and, of course, the MPs themselves.

The Impact


front page stories in local press


scarecrow conversations


new government food standards body

The campaign captured hearts across the three areas we worked in, with local people united behind our calls for high standards and support for our local producers.

And alongside the efforts of a range of other campaigners, we were secured a major government u-turn.

Ministers added an amendment to the Agriculture Bill that will strengthen protections for our much loved producers.

And our scarecrows all found loving local homes, from where they’ll be keeping a close eye on upcoming trade negotiations…