Climate change can feel overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. But there are hundreds of community groups around the country who are growing, repairing and planting their way to meaningful action. It’s a massive source of hope.

We supported the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund over two years, helping dozens of grassroots groups improve their storytelling and content skills. Here’s a small selection of the work we did.

A million points of light

On the eve of the climate summit in Glasgow, we helped groups uncover a phrase that sums up their feelings about climate change in their community.

Working with the talented artists at Still Moving, we lit up their words and illuminated their plight at this critical time.

Bright ideas

In the middle of the cost of living crisis, we made films about how local energy groups are making a difference to people’s lives with free energy efficiency advice across the country.

Hopeful Headlines

To dispel the gloom, we helped each group imagine a ‘hopeful headline’ about their work and created a short film that brings them all together.


Finally, we created a beautiful model of a Luna moth which toured the country on an electric cargo bike.

Over 1000 people gazed through its powerful telescope, linking the beauty of the moon with the health of our home planet.

When we talk about climate change, it’s often what ‘I’ can do as an individual or what ‘they’ can do as companies or governments. But there’s a missing piece here – the role of local communities. 

Whether it’s reducing our carbon emissions or dealing with the consequences of cliamte change, community action can plug the gaps that nobody else can fill. We were honoured to support these groups as they continued this amazing work.