Imagine a world where...
delivery drivers felt as respected as BBC newsreaders

For our Summer Season we’re partnering with the amazing people at More in Common who work to reduce polarisation and build a shared sense of unity in societies across the world.

We want to create a cultural intervention which gives recognition and respect to people who currently feel ignored and disrespected.

You can check out the full briefing presentation, or listen to our audio introduction with More in Common above.

The ideas

After an initial briefing and creative session, our collective members have contributed some amazing thoughts and ideas, which can be seen in the slide deck below. If you’d like to add your own, email us and we’ll give you edit access to the document.

Get involved

It’s not too late to get involved. Firstly we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what’s here — and if you can use your time, skills or network to help bring an idea to life, please email us using the contact details on our site!