Many of the solutions to air pollution and climate change lie in the decidedly un-sexy world of urban planning and transport infrastructure.

One of these is the humble cargo bike, which can replace the van for most urban deliveries, and is in fact quicker and more reliable.


The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
cargo bikes lead the charge to net zero

We created a club for cargo bike riders, businesses and fans, to galvanise a community of cargo comrades from different organisations around a single movement.

Our aim to encourage small businesses to switch to cargo bike deliveries, and to help the community of riders and business owners evangelise and proselytise the benefits.

From a ride-thru food event (complete with Elvis impersonator) to a Cargo Bike barbershop quartet, our events and interventions have proved a hit with the small business community in South London!

The Cargo Borough Charter

Together with our partners Impact on Urban Health, MP Smarter Travel and Clean Cities, we’ve put together a charter for Cargo Bike Boroughs.

So far eight councils have signed, committing to improving infrastructure for cyclists and alternative logistics.