The Challenge

Every year around Christmas, we choose gifts that often go to waste.

Sometimes it feels like we’re just buying stuff for the sake of it.

Meanwhile, millions of refugees don’t have the basic things they need to survive.

The Glimpse

Imagine a world where...
you could shop your heart out, leave with nothing, and feel great.

Choose Love is the world’s first store that sells real products for refugees.

From children’s coats to hot food, blankets and books, every purchase goes goes towards a similar item for someone who truly needs it.

We’ve created Choose Love stores for three years running in London, New York and Los Angeles – helping people find empathy for refugees in the heart of the shopping district.

Digital Love

We also created a full e-commerce site which offers a simple, informative and enjoyable experience.

Because the buzz of online shopping is even better when your purchase can save a life.

The Choose Love stores have had a huge impact on our work and given us a global reputation we could only dream of. Glimpse has supported Help Refugees and our partners to touch tens of thousands of lives with this brilliant creative idea.

— Josie Naughton, CEO, Help Refugees

The Impact




Customers, across three continents



Since 2017 these stores have become a retail and charity phenomenon, raising nearly £5m across the physical and online shops.

Over 40,000 customers have funded thousands of physical items, plus vital services like mental health support.

And the story’s been featured everywhere from the NY Times, CNN, The Guardian and on thousands of Instagram feeds.

But for us it’s about much more than the cash or clicks. It’s about the shared humanity, the compassion and the incredible generosity of people who visit the shop and the volunteers who make it happen.

Glimpse wants to create campaigns that shift culture and raise consciousness. Working with Help Refugees on Choose Love is the closest we’ve come so far.

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For the person who has everything, choose something for someone who has nothing.

— Banksy